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It's that time again!

This week has been really great for me in terms of journaling. I get on spurts like this. The past couple of weeks have been almost entirly text for me. . .most of my art I've been doing in my sketchbook as opposed to my Moleskine. . but when I looked at it earlier this week I couldn't help but feel it was sorley lacking in gloss. . .and I hated that. So I had to fix it. :P

As soon as these go up, a couple of the actual art images are going up on my deviantart, and then as usual, this will be crossposted just about everywhere. I really appreciate thoughts and comments. . thanks everyone!

This weeks theme was sketching random crap and playing with Gesso.

II adore this page. Absolutly love how the Gesso just went right over it and gave it texture. The picture I found inspired the whole thing. The text that provided the enhancement was taken right out of Toru Honda's 'Fruits Basket" story from the Anime of the same name. I thought all things considered, it was meaningful, but cute at the same time.

The statue in this one, Cassiel got me for my birthday. It's like my little miniature trophy. . .it belongs to a set that I also got several pieces for, including coasters and a sign that hangs up on my wall, and then a fireman's Maltese cross for my door. But anyway, I was nervous about drawing this dude. Statues aren't' usually my forte, but I was on a roll for some bizarre reason, and was pleasantly surprised when it actually came out. . you know. Good.

Not sure how much I like this one. It looks better IRL. The concept behind it was being remembered for who you are, not just by your physical presence on earth (the fingerprints), but what love you leave behind to your family.

I did a lot of doodling today. The first subject was of my hair-sleek stuff, which smells AWESOME by the way. But at 20 bucks a pop, it hurts my wallet.

Doodles, mostly of what's on my coffee table today.

"And I ran in.: -this is my  favorite spread from the week, although please don't ask me how many references I had to use to draw a picture of me in turnout gear.

Left side means just what it said. The right side has the gritty "my job is to save your ass" line, but the text below reads "I'll always remember my first fire, even though it never came, like a grisly dream. And I ran in".

All in all, a great week for my skine. I'm very, very pleased. Again, clean up works will be found on my DA in about 10-15 mins. Thanks for looking!
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