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I love everything about these particular blank books: the weight of the paper, the spacing of the lines, that the binding lies flat for ease of writing. I have others from the same company with different covers. Unfortunately, that company went out of business, and the journals are no longer available. I was working at the bookstore when our remaining stock was put on clearance, and with my employee discount, the cost per volume was ridiculously low. Purple has never been my favorite color, and these had really ugly mathy graphics in the front cover cutout. Still, it was hard to pass these last ever ones up, and at the price, I figured I could try to recover or recolor the covers with paint or something, add a picture I liked better, etc.

Two of the pictures were cut from an art catalog—photos of prints for sale. The copper tree was taken from a greeting card, and the collage from a handmade greeting card. The new additions go well enough with the purple I never felt inclined to change the color—each book is distinctive now, with its own evocative cover.

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Date: 2011-09-02 05:41 am (UTC)
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The copper tree is my favorite, but they are all lovely!


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