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(I'm trying to generate some content for the whole [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw thing, so please excuse me if I'm spamming a bit too much!)

I said yesterday that I might try photographing a journal pages in various stages of finished-ness... well, I did that for today's. :)

The finished product...

... four less-finished images under the cut )

Fun fact: today's journal entry contains the word "argh" three times. I am feeling a bit frustrated today, I guess.
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Just started a new journal off, so... some quick pictures of the first page in it.

two images, largeish )

Not sure why it came into my head to take a picture of it before writing on the page, really. It's sort of nice to have the picture of it before it was done, though - maybe I'll try taking pictures of the next one at various stages of finished-ness so I can compare them afterwards, or something.
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Been chopping up my Greek textbooks again.

just one )

... and I suppose that's as good a way as any of announcing that I'll be away for a week or so. :) I can't imagine this community will need huge amounts of moderation, but my co-mod is still around just in case. See you soon!
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Okay, so in the spirit of things like the Community Participation Meme and Three Weeks For Dreamwidth, I'm going to try to kickstart this comm a bit. Wondering if people would be interested in things like weekly themes or challenges, or anything like that?

Anyway, here's some pictures from my not-very-artistic journal.

four images )


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