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Everyone, thank you so much for your comments on my last post.

[personal profile] independence1776 and I have created a new community called

 photo JP banner.jpg

[community profile] journalsandplanners

where we can talk about all kinds of journals and planners (even electronic versions) as well as the accessories associated with them.

We hope you'll join us there!

Remember, if you're into bullet journaling, the newly minted [community profile] bujo is a great place to talk about your obsession as well.
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I know this comm hasn't been active for several years, but I'm wondering if there is interest in reviving it.

I love all things journal and planner, and I would really enjoy an active comm devoted to talking about and showing them off, but I don't want to reinvent the wheel if I don't need to. If enough people are still watching this comm and interested in reading and posting here, I think it makes sense to use an already existing comm with a built-in readership instead of starting another.

A wonderful new comm, [community profile] bujo, just started up, but it's devoted entirely to bullet journaling, and while I enjoy reading about bullet journaling, I'd also be interested in a comm with a wider focus.

What do y'all think? How many of you are interested in posting/reading new content here? Do you think it would be better if I created a new comm? If I do create a new comm, I want to open it to all forms of planners and journals, even electronic ones, in addition to all the ancillary stuff that goes along with journaling like pens, paper, notebooks, stickers, stencils, and etc.

Thoughts? Ideas?
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I know this community's been dead for a while (the last post was in 2013!), but I figured I'd try.

Due to Darth Real Life, I stopped journaling (even though it was stuff I should have been journaling about) and I'd like to start again. But I feel a bit strange just starting up again. I want to summarize what happened over the past couple of years and yet making time for that seems cause procrastination, so I don't do any journaling at all.

Does anyone have any advice on how to start journaling again?
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Hi, I just bought my first paper journal in years. It's a simple composition book. Now that I have it, I don't know what to write about.  I am looking for suggestions. 

What do you write about?
Is it the same as what you write about in your DW journal?
Do you write daily, weekly, or whenever the mood strikes you?
Do you draw in it, paste pictures, just write in it, or something else not listed? (Please write what the not listed is)
Any other advice about paper journaling?

Thank you for your time.
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Today I came across this image on Deviantart. She made a sketchbook, but you can use the same technique to make your own journals :) I especially like her cover. The tutorial she used was this.
I still have quite a few empty bought journals so I'm not going to make one anytime soon, but I thought it might be of interest to some people here, so that's why I'm linking it :)
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My journalling has rather fallen by the wayside in the latter part of 2011. I want to get it kick-started over the next few days, and get a lot more filled in during 2012.

How has 2011 gone for you, journal-wise? Are you starting a new journal for 2012? Do you want to do anything different with your journalling next year? And, um, yes, anything else you'd like to say?


Dec. 27th, 2011 02:03 pm
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Hi! I'm Indy. I've only been regularly paper journalling for just about a year now.

I'm primarily a text journaler, but I usually use stickers to decorate my pages with. Sometimes, they're related to the entry and sometimes they're not. I used to keep my collection in the pocket at the back of my journal, but it grew so massive that I couldn't close my journal's flap. I'm currently keeping them in a folder, which has the constant danger of them falling out.

So I'm looking for advice on what to buy to put them in. A small plastic bin, an expanding file/13-pocket folder, or something else entirely?
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I've been thinking of ways to make my own journals after I saw one in a store that had covers made out of an old Trivial Pursuit box. (I think whoever did it had a binding machine, which I kind of covet.)

One technique I learned awhile ago was how to marble paper using - of all things - shaving cream. It seems like a great way to spice up a potentially blah journal cover by making a marbled paper journal cover, or some such thing (or even creating a new cover).

You can find out how to do it through this handy guide.

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Not long ago I posted about these journals, which I had used clipped photos and details cut from greeting cards to personalize.

I found more of them on ebay in this auction.

For anyone who likes lined hardcover blank books, these are very nice: recycled paper, bound to lie flat for writing. And if you like the graphic on the cover, you're all set, or you can customize it with a picture or collage you like better.

Me? I'd buy a couple, but I already have four!
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Medieval-bound wrap leather journals—faking the look and feel of hand-pulled paper using wood rasps to "sand" the edges of the pages soft, ragged, and irregular, instead of the straight-cut block. The toothbrush is for clearing away crumbs and fragments.

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I am sad to report that Pear Tree Pens, an online purveyor of fine pens, inks, notebooks, papers, and handwriting paraphernalia, is closing its doors. Through October 1, the proprietor is offering 1/3 off when you buy three of anything in its Special Deals section, and almost the entire inventory is being added to that section.

There are undoubtedly some fabulous deals to be had in notebooks, pens, inks, and other articles dear to the writer's heart. I'm especially going to miss the ink sampler, four tiny bottles of your choices of inks, so you could try before you buy. The small bottles are wonderful for mixing your own colors, or for decanting small amounts of ink to fill a pen. Not dipping the pen directly into the bottle reduces contamination and spoilage, and the narrow bottle raises the level of liquid over the nib for easier filling. I have four of the wee bottles already; I need to pick colors for a couple more samplers before October 1.
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Out of my mind. It’s a sickness, really it is. I have more blank journals stacked up waiting to be written in than I will ever fill in my lifetime. )
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I often think I left the bookstore because I wound up taking my pay in merchandise, as much as for any other reason. image-heavy )
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I love everything about these particular blank books: the weight of the paper, the spacing of the lines, that the binding lies flat for ease of writing. I have others from the same company with different covers. Unfortunately, that company went out of business, and the journals are no longer available. I was working at the bookstore when our remaining stock was put on clearance, and with my employee discount, the cost per volume was ridiculously low. Purple has never been my favorite color, and these had really ugly mathy graphics in the front cover cutout. Still, it was hard to pass these last ever ones up, and at the price, I figured I could try to recover or recolor the covers with paint or something, add a picture I liked better, etc.

Two of the pictures were cut from an art catalog—photos of prints for sale. The copper tree was taken from a greeting card, and the collage from a handmade greeting card. The new additions go well enough with the purple I never felt inclined to change the color—each book is distinctive now, with its own evocative cover. image heavy )
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I'm a boring journaler--I rarely sketch or draw in my journals. I write with a fountain pen--one of many, and use colored inks to suit my mood. But the writing itself is pretty straightforward and unimaginative in appearance. below the cut )

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Thanks to [profile] adnar_el for the reminder that I needed to crosspost from my personal journal! D'oh.

How long since one of these?? In fact, I finished my last book and I've started on a new one:

7 images )

(I also crossposted to [community profile] embodiment_dw, too - apologies if you're a member of both and you see this twice!)
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It's that time again!

This week has been really great for me in terms of journaling. I get on spurts like this. The past couple of weeks have been almost entirly text for me. . .most of my art I've been doing in my sketchbook as opposed to my Moleskine. . but when I looked at it earlier this week I couldn't help but feel it was sorley lacking in gloss. . .and I hated that. So I had to fix it. :P

As soon as these go up, a couple of the actual art images are going up on my deviantart, and then as usual, this will be crossposted just about everywhere. I really appreciate thoughts and comments. . thanks everyone!

This weeks theme was sketching random crap and playing with Gesso.
Read more... )

All in all, a great week for my skine. I'm very, very pleased. Again, clean up works will be found on my DA in about 10-15 mins. Thanks for looking!